Combining state-of-the-art technology in manufacturing equipment for the castings industry with WEG Wmagnet motors has resulted in "€œThe highest efficiency in the market",€ according to Enrique González, a Director of Mecaltec.

Since Mecaltec installed WEG Wmagnet motors in their equipment, the company has reduced operational costs and achieved higher efficiency, plus operating life approximately four- times longer than the market average.

The mixers/coolers manufactured by Mecaltec are central to the manufacture of components produced by the castings industry. They combine sand, additives and water, according to specific formulations for each individual product. In this process, one of the fundamental factors is achieving the right mix to ensure quality. For this to happen, it is essential for the mixture to have the necessary characteristics of resistance and mold-ability, as well as the correct temperature. With the mixer/coolers it is possible to automatically perform accurate control of temperature; and with the Wmagnet motors, exact control of speed in the different phases of the process. The result is an ideal blend for any type of casting (steel, iron, aluminum or bronze), with the commensurate benefits of reduced less waste, less reworking of parts, and also savings in energy.

WEG motors play a fundamental role in achieving these benefits. In practice, considering the number of hours of work the motors perform, and the cost of kWh, the higher the efficiency of the motors, the faster the return for the customer. The design of the Wmagnet motors is critical in this respect, integrating permanent magnets to reduce losses, thereby allowing the motors to work at lower temperature, and with higher efficiency levels.

Another important benefit which the Wmagnet line provides is the facility to maintain the same level of torque on a smaller frame size. In some cases the reduction may even be two sizes; this can be allowable due to the reduction in the operating temperature of the motors.