Implemented with WEG’s own investments, the solar power system was installed by local photovoltaic system integrators. The entire project consists of 189 solar panels with production capacity of approximately 74.300 KWh per year.

"Already regarded as a national reference for accessibility, the complex will also be a reference for sustainability”, says Hilton José da Veiga Faria, WEG´s HR and Corporate Affairs Director. “Clean energy is the basis of WEG's processes and solutions, holding today a global leading position as manufacturer of electric motors, generators and transformers. Creating connections, keeping memories, and offering an interactive, sustainable, and social inclusion space for the community are some of our goals”, explains Hilton.

Since its inauguration in 2003, over 200 thousand visitors visited the WEG Science and Technology Museum. In 2019, more than 3400 students from schools in the region participated in guided tours and over 3200 people signed up for free of charge projects, lectures and workshops promoted by the institution.