WEG’s new W22 range of electric motors exceed the latest energy efficiency standards and offer cost-saving benefits too

A range of high-efficiency three-phase induction motors that offers significantly lower energy consumption, lower noise and vibration, higher reliability, easier maintenance and lower cost of ownership has been introduced by WEG. Featuring many innovative developments supported by patent and registered design applications, the new motors will exceed the energy performance requirements of the recently published IEC60034-30 energy efficiency standard.
One of the many benefits of WEG’s W22 range is its energy efficient performance, which reduces losses by between 10% and 40% compared with typical motors.

In fact, the range will consist of three products, each designed to exceed the requirements of the IE1 (Eff2), IE2 (Eff1) and IE3 (Premium) efficiency classes. A key part of this improvement in energy use is the W22’s new and aerodynamic frame which increases airflow and reduces operational temperatures. The terminal box of the motor has also been repositioned to optimize airflow.

The W22’s redesigned cooling system does not only improve energy performance - better airflow also means fewer hotspots and therefore higher reliability. Lower temperatures further enhance the benefits of WEG´s unique WISE insulation system (international patents pending), which offers high resistance to temperature degradation. The lifetime of the motor is further increased through the use of a new WSeal which offers improved protection through a ‘V’Ring with double lip and metallic cap.

There are many other aspects of the W22 which offer real benefits. The casing, for example, is constructed from cast iron FC-200, which is the same class as Flameproof and which offers high resistance to corrosion. The product also features solid integral feet which offer high mechanical stiffness and easy alignment, while a reinforced fan cover provides higher impact resistance. Maintenance of the product is simplified through features such as longer lubrication intervals and a fast-on fan assembly.

Another innovation introduced by the W22 is the terminal box. Positioned at the front of the frame to improve airflow, the box has also been redesigned to allow easier cable handling, better connection and flexible mounting (top/side). It also provides more space for accessories.

The motors are being introduced in stages covering different frame sizes. Frame size 225 – 355 and 447T – 586/7T will be available from February, frame 355 A/B from August, 364T-445T from May, 180-200 (and NEMA Equivalent) in August, and 63 – 160 (and NEMA equivalent) frame sizes will be available from November. The 315L and the 355M/L are available now. “Today, there is higher pressure than ever on organisations to minimise carbon footprint and reduce costs,” said Milton Castella Engineering Director of WEG. “The W22 can play a real role in helping them to do both.”

Certification extended for motors for -55°C

The Exd explosion proof motors and Exde explosion proof low voltage motors with increased safety connection box in frame sizes 90 to 355 which are manufactured in Brazil and Portugal are now certified in Europe which allow them to be operated at -55*C, temperature level without requiring application of space heaters. The GOST certification for operation in Russia and CIS countries is expected to be available for the second semester of 2009.