Weighing 348 tons each, both transformers are manufactured at the factory in Blumenau, state of Santa Catarina, Brazil and will be incorporated into the electrical energy transmission system in the southern region of the African continent. 

Benefits of these transformers include robustness, flexibility and reliability provided to the power supply system, contributing directly for the development of the local economy, in addition to being urgently needed to help minimize the current energy shortage in the region and expanding the ongoing emergency investments for the generation of complementary power supply. Regarded as the largest ever produced by WEG, these transformers feature power rating of 500,000kVA and voltage class of 400,000V.

The first unit is scheduled to ship early April of this year and the second in May, ahead of the agreed contractual terms. Transit time from the factory in Brazil to the final destination in Africa is estimated at 60 days. 

In addition to holding manufacturing operations for other products in the African continent, WEG is also present locally with two transformer factories, both located near Johannesburg, South Africa, which produce and supply the local market with 145kV voltage class transformers. 

WEG strengthens its position in the local market with the on-time delivery of these 500 MVA transformers, which is necessary to minimize the shortage of power supply in the region. The entire supply which counted on the cooperation of our South African team, reinforces WEG's commitment to the development of our employees and the interaction of competences, as well as to the development of the country” says Jan-Frederik Viljoen, Director of WEG Transformers Africa.