WEG has supplied 10 WEMOB - WEG Electric Mobility line charging stations for VEM Paraná Project to the state of Pananá Department of Health. This project is managed by the Brazilian Industrial Development Agency (ABDI), Itaipu Technological Park Foundation (FPTI) and by State of Paraná Government and is intended to encourage the adoption of sustainable policies and the promotion of innovative business methodologies in urban mobility. 

The charging stations will be installed in the city of Curitiba and surrounding municipalities and will initially recharge 10 Renault Zoe electric cars, which were delivered this week by ABDI to the Government of Paraná. The vehicles will be incorporated into the public fleet of the State for shared use of the demands of the State Department of Health. 

With a capacity up to 22kW and the possibility of recharging two vehicles simultaneously, while still allowing remote management via cloud IoT platform, the WEMOB line provides all energy measurements with authenticated access control for shared use. 

Electric mobility is a worldwide trend and we need to allow our cities to be prepared for this new scenario. Projects like this, in addition to encouraging the adoption of sustainable policies, are essential to test the usability of technologies in a real environment, with a high circulation of people and vehicles”, says Manfred Petter Johann, WEG Automation Managing Director. 

The VEM Paraná project follows the same methodology of the “Cities 4.0 Living Lab” project, implemented in Brazil´s Federal District in 2019, where WEG provided 35 identical electric vehicle-charging stations, which are in full operation and benefiting the government and the population of Brasilia. 

Developed especially to meet the power rage, charging time and safety requirements for an electric car, the WEG Charging Stations line is available in three different categories: Wall, designed for homes and condominiums and with wall installation; Parking, designed specially for shared use in public and private parking lots, such as shopping malls and squares; and Station, intended for fast-recharge stations.