WEG have supplied 33 x W22 and 15 x W50 motors to the Kef Eddir-Tipaza project. The scope of supply includes low and medium voltage motors, ranging from 30 kW to 900 kW and the motors will be applied to 14 lift stations.

This water transfer will provide a total annual volume of 21 million m3 of water, with 8,613 m3/day benefiting 58 underserved areas. This "regional-scale" project includes the construction of 110 linear kilometers of pipelines, 14 lift stations, and 13 reservoirs with a capacity of 140,000 m3, in addition to a water treatment station with a production capacity of 210,000 m3/day. The treatment plant will be concluded in three stages, each enabling the production and transfer of 70,000 m3 of water/day to ensure the supply of drinking water to the citizens.

The success of this project has strengthened WEG's position as one of the leading suppliers of electric motors in the water sector. The diversity of motors will effectively meet the varied needs of the different pumping stations in the project, demonstrating WEG's continuous commitment to innovation and quality in the field of electric motors for water-related applications.

With innovations such as high-efficiency electric motors, the future of water management in Algeria looks promising, with continuous improvements in the efficiency, reliability, and sustainability of water supply systems.