With delivery date scheduled for 2017, the project is located in the province of Napo, Tena Canton, Parish Misahualli, and will have great contribution to power generation in the country.

Projects of this magnitude are not quite common considering the level of investments required and it is emblematic for changing the energy matrix of Ecuador to use the water from Pusuno river in hydroelectric generation.

Fully designed according to the highest technical and environmental requirements, the Pusuno Hydropower Project offers the following benefits and advantages:
- Generate hydroelectric power with effective capacity of 39.5 MW with two powerhouses: Central 1 with 22.7 MW and Central 2 with 16.8 MW.
- Estimated reduction of 162,682 tons of CO2 / MWh / year.
- Reduction of fuel 12 kWh / gl. Net savings of approximately US $ 36 million a year.
- Produce very low social and environmental impact, in line with expected environmental policies for implementation activities, operation and maintenance of the project (Environmental License No. 035/014).
- Create jobs by hiring labor force from communities in the area of ​​influence of the project for the construction, operation and maintenance of the power plants.

With recognized technical capacity and management on large projects, Elitenergy Generacion Electrica S.A. offers construction, petroleum, power generation, mining services, machinery and facility rental and is considered a leader in this type of activity.

On this specific project, Elitenergy established a partnership with WEG and Hisa, combining more than 60 years of experience and knowledge in providing small and medium-sized power plants. The WEG group will supply two power plants (water to wire) and as a consequence promote the development and sustainability of the Amazon region to minimize the electricity shortages and import of diesel fuels for the operation of thermal power plants.

Pusuno is a very important project for WEG in Ecuador since this is the first power generation project that is fully driven by WEG products in the country. The WEG branch in Ecuador will be responsible for the contract management.

LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qBOnqpJE1BI