Offering products and solutions for the most diverse applications and market segments, WEG is getting closer to people through innovative and ambitious projects. The partnership with YACHTHOUSE by Pininfarina is a true example!

Located in coastal city of Balneário Camboriú, state of Santa Catarina, Brazil, YACHTHOUSE is the tallest residential building in Latin America, with 2 towers of 81 floors and 281 meters high, the building requires high standard and reliability equipment, reasons that made the company select WEG solutions to operate the building's substation.

The WEG supply package includes 6 dry transformers (5 x 500KVA and 1 x 1500KVA), which will provide safety, quality and high performance for the project. Manufactured with the top quality epoxy resin available on the market, these transformers neither present a risk of explosion nor spread fire. Ideal for environments that require space savings, they are compact equipment, requiring low installation cost and maintenance.

Dry WEG transformers are essential equipment for environments that require high standard of safety at the installation compartment and extended operation lifetime with a focus on the sustainability.