WEG has just opened a new Commercial Operation in Istanbul, Turkey.

With the strategy of increasing its market share in the country by selling all the company's products, the Operation will also be the gateway to a new low-voltage electric motor factory, which has started to be built in the city of Kocaeli, around 80 kilometers from the Bosphorus Strait on the Asian side of Turkey.

Expected to come into operation in the first half of 2022, the new factory will count on 7000 square meters of facilities, which in addition to the manufacture of electric motors will also be used for support services, engineering, product development and application, sales and technical service for customers.

As stated by Alberto Kuba, Managing Director of WEG Motors Business Unit - Industrial, the new factory will allow WEG to expand the business of low voltage electric motors in Eastern Europe along with increasing the company´s market share in Turkey´s local market, where there are major business opportunities. “All Eastern Europe countries, particularly Turkey, offer great potential for WEG Motion Drives solutions. Counting on a factory in the country, we will have the possibility to increase our production portfolio and strengthen our distribution capacity in the region”, says Kuba.

Similar to other WEG manufacturing sites, the layout of this unit will have modular design, which allows for the gradual and continuous increase of production capacity as well as the manufacture of other product lines so as to meet the company's future expansion.

"Our strategy is to gradually expand our product portfolio in the country, in addition to implementing local verticalization, creating more opportunities for our suppliers and contributing with the economy development of Turkey, a country that we greatly appreciate for its history background and economic potential,” explains Kuba.