In today's factories where processes are increasingly automated, energy efficiency is a key factor for all production stages. WEG supplied a 4MW E-house, one of the most recognized multinationals in the automotive sector in Argentina, to meet such demands, reduce costs, and balance energy in a safe and efficient way.

The supply was part of a large infrastructure project, which required a full monitoring team of WEG engineers duly qualified for the installation and commissioning of large equipment.

Part of the package provided was the supply of an E-house with a CCW07 medium voltage cell, designed and manufactured to meet the customer's requirements. To ensure operating safety and increase the equipment's life time, a 4 MVA dry transformer and an Intelligent MCC of the CCW-06 line, were coupled to the E-house.

As it is a customized solution, the E-houses also guarantees assembly time reduction on the job site with the integration of all equipment and systems with WEG's unique engineering background, ensuring high reliability in all stages of the process and for the entire plant.