Continuously investing in innovation and technology, WEG has developed a virtual electric motor testing plataform, allowing customers to monitor remotely the tests at WEG manufacturing plants.  

What is WEG Virtual Inspection?

WEG Virtual Inspection is inspected testing that occurs in real time and allows the monitoring by those in charge at WEG and at the customer, according to the motor specification. In the process, it is possible to monitor the images of the motor under testing and the values measured during the tests simultaneously; it is even possible to ask questions and interact with the system operator at WEG. The experience is the same as if the customer were at the bench, monitoring the data collection system together with the Laboratory Technician performing the testing and the Sales Analyst or Coordinator, who masters the electrical and mechanical parts of the motor. Such monitoring of the tests by WEG professionals is essential to provide full support to the customer, answer questions regarding the project and explain the processes, especially the code of ethics and safety.

How does WEG Virtual Inspection work?

After being added to the platform developed by WEG, the customer only registers for the first access, remaining connected to the WEG Virtual Inspection until the end of the tests. Once the inspection is confirmed, the customer accesses the URL and monitors the inspection, which takes place in a virtual room, which is accessed by authorized and registered people only. During the process, the customer sees the screen of the laboratory computer, which collects the values measured during the tests, and the image of a fixed camera showing the motor being tested. If necessary, images can be captured through a mobile camera to highlight a specific feature–everything in real time.

The platform also provides audio and chat resources for communication with the inspection coordinator. During and after the test, the documentation related to the inspection is provided directly by the platform so that the customer can reliably and safely follow the entire process.

In what units is WEG Virtual Inspection available?

Remote inspections are currently available at WEG motors and generator plants in Jaraguá do Sul and São Bernardo, in Brazil, and in WEG Portugal. The plants in the United States and China are finishing the structure to deploy the process. Other WEG units, such as the Transmission and Distribution Center in Blumenau, Brazil, also have this resource.

In a year as challenging as 2020, having alternatives like this is important to maintain the measures adopted by companies to minimize the impacts of the pandemic, including the holding of meetings by means of video conferencing or other remote technologies, such as the WEG Virtual Inspection. In addition to being a safe way to carry out inspections, it helps reduce travel expenses, following the recommended actions to contain the coronavirus.

WEG, recognized for the excellence in energy efficiency for various applications, offers the market different high performance solutions to bring more innovation, technology and reliability for industrial processes worldwide. 

WEG Virtual Inspection* is a WEG development.

*We recommend the use with Windows 10 and Google Chrome browser.