One of the largest pump companies in the world, headquartered in Texas/USA, found in WEG the ideal solution to meet its needs. The supply is part of a steel plant project in the USA and includes 51 units of the new Vertical High Thrust motors line. This line represents the consolidation of the new design of vertical three-phase induction motors with high thrust capacity and non-reverse ratchet.

The Vertical High Thrust optimizes plant space and carries the reliability of the WEG brand

The Vertical High Thrust is a compact motor with solid or hollow shaft, non-reverse ratchet option, optimized cooling system, extended bearing life, lower bearing temperatures, low vibration and high thrust capacity. In addition, the Vertical High Thrust can be manufactured to meet American Petroleum Industry (API) standards. This is another WEG solution that carries all the quality and efficiency of one of the largest electric motor manufacturers in the world.

Increased reliability and reduced maintenance downtime

Even in challenging times, where many companies have been impacted by deadlines for industrial inputs, WEG has already maintained its commitment to reliability right from production. Due to the flexibility of programming at the factory, it was possible to meet this project highly demanding delivery schedule. Additionally, motors have been delivered with WEG Motor Scan sensors already installed at the factory, ready for industry 4.0.

Excellence in development and production, added to the service, short delivery time and the high thrust capacity of the motors, which reduces costs and dimensions of the motor + pump set, resulting in strengthening of partnership and consolidation of WEG brand in the market. Bet on Vertical High Thrust. Performance taken to a higher level.