WEG participated as a solution provider in the aqueduct infrastructure expansion project in the city of Cúcuta, one of the 13 most important cities in Colombia.

This project seeks to build an infrastructure to guarantee the normal supply of raw water to the El Pórtico plant in the city of Cúcuta, which in this new stage will benefit approximately 800,000 inhabitants of the metropolitan region by improving the water supply.

Confirming its experience in solutions with medium voltage equipment for the Water segment, the company supplied three 1,575 HP, 6.6kV W60 medium voltage motors and three medium voltage panels with variable frequency drives from the MVW3000 line that will play an important role in the actuation of the aqueduct pumping unit, contributing to increase the water flow that supplies the region.

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WEG equipment was selected by ByV Ingeniería, the company responsible for supplying the pumps for this important project that is led by Ecopetrol, the main oil extraction and transformation company in Colombia.

WEG solutions, in addition to guaranteeing the supply of drinking water in the region, represent a return on investment and safety in operation for the customer, since the W60 line was designed to meet the most rigorous efficiency criteria and reliability.

With a wide range of products for the water segment, WEG solutions also stand out for the flexibility of their electrical and mechanical design, adapting to the most diverse applications.