Creating efficient and increasingly sustainable products is one of WEG's commitments. With this focus in mind the company supplied a package of products to help increase the efficiency and production of the metals plant Bocaiuva – RIMA Industrial S.A, located in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. The package includes an electric motor, a variable frequency drive and a motor control center. 

Within the supply package, the WEG 1500 HP, 8 poles, 60 Hz, 4160 V, frame size 500 Master line motor will be driving the exhaust of the oven dedusting system. Standing out for its electrical and mechanical design flexibility and high performance, the motor complies with international standards requirements in addition to being in line with world trends. Interchangeable with the existing motors is another feature of this product, allowing further replacement with other electric motors, whenever required. 

The motor will be fully controlled by the WEG MVW 3000 frequency drive in terms of load variations and speed modulation resulting in energy savings for the customer. The WEG MVW 3000 frequency drive was designed to drive, protect and monitor all types of applications, including the critical with high output power requirements such as large mining machines driven by one or multiple motors in load sharing. 

Designed with state-of-the-art components and supported by a high performance and powerful focused engineering, the variable frequency drive provides reliable system operation and major equipment availability to the user, meeting the highest quality standards expected by the world industry. 

This supply strengthens the expertise and quality of WEG products for the steel industrial segment. In addition, the choice of WEG products provides the customer with all technical support and after-sales service for greater operational reliability for the equipment.