Brazilian state-owned utility CHESF, based in the Northeast of the country, acquired from WEG a set of high quality and advanced technology products for the disconnection of electrical circuits to replace and improve the equipment of Paulo Afonso and Luiz Gonzaga substations, located in the state of Pernambuco. 

The 10 horizontal 500kV semi-pantograph disconnectors are intended to provide the disconnection of the utility's 500kV power lines. This equipment is manufactured with highly selected materials available on the market and supported by continuous research and development of new products and technologies. 

Disconnector is an essential piece of equipment applied to electric power transmission grid to ensure safety of people working on the high voltage network and provide a visible and reliable isolation distance from the equipment. 

WEG offers competitive solutions for different needs, meeting different technical requirements for disconnectors ranging from 15 kV to 550 kV. Additionally, the company is the only national manufacturer to perform certification tests in laboratories suitable for disconnectors up to 145 kV and 40 kA.  WEG provides the market with a cost-effective and customized solutions, suitable for each substation layout, even within a limited space.