The country's second largest sugar manufacturer equips plant with WEG energy co-generation electric package, which result in providing enough power supply for the country.
Generator, medium voltage panels, motor control center, panels, system and software are all part of the electric package responsible for the energy co-generation process that will be using sugar cane waste as natural fuel arriving from the group's largest factory located in Tala county.
"The sugar and alcohol segment is an industrial activity where the raw material is fully utilized and even generates energy from trash, thus contributing with energy balance", explains Norton Cancelier, WEG Automation System Sales Department.
According to him, the application allows the power-generating turbines to be powered by steam resulting from sugar cane waste combustion. This electric energy in turn powers all of the plant equipment, providing higher productivity and reliability gains.
"Plant electrification is a trend which is gaining more and more consistency all over the world, mainly due to the unquestionable advantage of the commercialization of energy surplus", says Cancelier. "It's possible to reach 1 Gigawatt levels of surplus energy made available to the market, just as a result of efficiency improvement of the plants", states SĂŠrgio Esteves, WEG Energy Business Center manager.
The GAM (Grupo Azucarero MĂŠxico) Group holds 8% of the production and commercialization of sugar cane and by product in the country. Its largest factory lies in the city of Tala, state of Jalisco, one of Mexico's most fertile agricultural regions, with a production of over 200 tons per harvest.