Responding to market demands with reliable and tough machinery for Mining and Cement segments, WEG just developed a new line of motors specifically designed for these industrial sectors.  Whether designed with squirrel cage or slip rings, this "M Mining" motor incorporates special features and a new system of brushes and slip rings (wound rotor motors) making them suitable to operate under severe and harsh area applications.

M Mining motors were designed considering electromechanical features that can provide toughness, strength and long-lasting operation under aggressive environments typically for mining and cement applications. These motors offer IP66 Degree of Protection and are suitable for critical loads in mining plants that require high starting torque such as SAG and ball mills, crushers, fans, conveyor belts, among others.

Wound rotor motors are built with a completely upgraded slip ring system, brushes and brush holders focusing on durability and reliability. The number of required parts and components has been significantly reduced and the use of non-stop pressure springs helps to minimize brush wear. For the configuration of liftable brushes, the motor design is equipped with a control and automation system for brush lifting operation, which is preset at the factory with full logical operation and fault monitoring via integrated HMI, or remotely via communication system. This system provides complete interface for correct operation and maintenance procedures. For fixed brushes configuration, an internal filter is provided to avoid recirculation of dust due to brush wear. The brushes have been relocated allowing access on both sides of the collector ring housing, which, combined with larger inspection windows and a new brush holder design, simplifies brush adjustment and maintenance procedures. The new system also allows the motor to be set up for hybrid operation, that is, with brush lifting system and possibility to operate with the brushes always lowered (connected).

Slip ring motors are widely used in the mining and cement industries since they are specifically designed to drive high torque load demands at low speeds, combined with low inrush current. That is why these motors are a proven choice for mills, crushers, conveyor belts, among other applications for such industries.

Combined with a control panel fully integrated with the motor, this product allows users to simplify startup and initial startup settings, reduce operating and maintenance costs and increase the reliability of their plants. These features combined with line robustness, superior degree of protection (up to IP66) and stainless steel hardware make the new M Mining Slip Ring Motors the perfect solution for mining and cement customers all over the world.

The launch of M Mining allows WEG to increase its portfolio of electric motors designed specifically for mining and cement segments with power rating up to 10,000 kW.

Some of the M Mining specifications include:

  • Frame sizes: 355 to 1000 (IEC)

  • Power Range: 250 to 10,000 kW

  • Voltage: 220 to 13,800 V

  • Number of poles: 2 to 14 poles (squirrel cage) and 4 to 14 poles (wound)

  • Frequency: 50 Hz and 60 Hz

  • Degree of Protection: from IP55 to IP66

  • Standards: IEC and NEMA

  • Integrated control system for motors equipped with lifting brush system.