The manager for development of Empresa Metropolitana de Transporte Urbano – EMTU (The Metropolitan Urban Transport Company) of São Paulo, Carlos Zundt and the director of Tutto Trasporti, Agenor Boff, were both at WEG at the beginning of this year with the purpose of accelerating projects and negotiations in electric traction.

“We have long talked about a technologic project for the system of medium capacity transportation. The participation of WEG and Tutto is very important”, said Zundt.

“This approach is extremely important for future projects and businesses. We are already a model throughout Brazil with our chassis which use electric tractions and alternative fuels (biodiesel, alcohol, gas and hydrogen). The availability of this technology to the largest number of people is most urgent ”, says Boff, a longtime WEG partner.

At WEG, the executives visited the Automation, Motors and Energy units. “We have already articulated the electric project for the electric hybrid bus developed by Tutto and we are partners for new ideas”, says Umberto Gobbato, supervising director of the Automation unit at WEG. “WEG takes responsibility for all the traction, Tutto designs the chassis and the trailer and EMTU will be able to offer transport with up to 50% more in autonomy and practically 100% reduction of emission of pollutants when compared to the conventional combustion model”, adds Valter Luiz Knihs, manager of the Engineering and Designing department of WEG.

EMTU/SP, controlled by the Government of the State of São Paulo, manages low and medium capacity systems, planning and controlling the transport between municipalities in the metropolitan regions of São Paulo in the Baixada Santista of Campinas (coast of the state of São Paulo). The three areas include 67 municipalities and involve a population of 23 million inhabitants. The services offered and administrated by EMTU/SP attend an average 1.5 million passengers everyday.