The HNSS project is conceived to irrigate Anantapur District of Andhra Pradesh State, adjoining Karnataka State in India. It is expected almost three lakh hectors would be irrigated through this project.

The intake is near backwater of Srishailam Dam and the Dam is constructed on the River Krishna, where exactly Pumping Station 1 (PS1) is located and this place is called Kurnool and from there, each stage, the water is lifted 40' to 50' every time and the last pumping station PS8 would be in Anantapur area. The distribution of water would be through gravity.

WEG is supplying the following motors for this project:

- 4 X SEA1000 5,0MW 16P

- 4 X SEA1000 3,9MW 16P

- 12 X SEA1000 4,2MW 16P

- 4 X SEA1000 4,5MW 16P

- 4 X SEA1000 3,7MW 16P

- 4 X SEA1000 3,2MW 14P

- 32 X Excitation Panel

- 32 X Braking System