Mr. Harry Schmelzer Jr, current Regional Director for Europe will replace Mr. Décio da Silva who has been in this position for 18 years. Mr. da Silva will be elected President of the Board of Directors as well as WEG Participações, the company controlling the WEG Group. The current President of the Board Mr. Nildemar Sacches will remain as a member of the Board.

"The choice of Harry was based on an evaluation process taking into account the capabilities of the company's internal management. This decision was based on a 3 year history of WEG participation management as well as corporate governance", said Décio da Silva.

Mr. Décio da Silva succession process is regarded as a very important step towards the company's growth. His participation is essential for WEG expansion worldwide.

On a special cerimony, Décio announced the end of his period as President and CEO and his new position as President of the Board of Directors and for WEG Participações in January of 2008. He emphasized the importance and the need of renewing management for the future growth of WEG.

During his speech, Mr. Schmelzer commented about the great responsibility he will have in the new position. "I am sure it will be difficult to succeed a President with many qualities, with a unique personality and who became a very well known and respected leader internationally".

Working for WEG since 1980, Harry Schmelzer Jr. became sales supervisor in 1983 and sales manager in 1986. He was the Managing Director of the former production unit of switch and controlgear WEG Acionamentos from 1992 to 2006, when he took over the Management position of the motor production unit WEG Motores. In 2007 he was appointed Regional Director for Europe, when he then moved to Portugal. Harry, 49 years old, is graduated in electrical engineering with specialization in Business Administration in Brazil.

Additionally, he attended Business Administration course at Kellogg in USA, finance and management courses at Euvaldo Lodi/Insead Institute in France and IMD International in Switzerland.

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