Three companies from the state of Santa Catarina are included among the hundred fast growing in emerging countries, as per Boston Consulting Group (BCG) survey.

In the American consulting company list three companies from Santa Catarina - Sadia, PerdigĂŁo and WEG are among the hundred companies chosen in countries with a fast-growing economy.

The BCG, is second edition report of The 2008 BCG 100 New Global Challengers: How Top Companies from Rapidly Developing Economies are Changing the World , includes hundred companies witch are growing rapidly, going global in an aggressive way and redirecting the world industrial scene.

Witch turnover exceeding US$ 1.2 trillion and over half trillion Dollars in annual purchases, these companies area already ante standing however, their ambitions are even more intimidating since, their combined turnover will amount to US$ 3.3 trillion in 2010 and US$ 11.8 trillion in 2015, informs the survey.

The criteria used to select these hundred companies include size, annual growth, generation for of value shareholders and the international business al venues.