WEG was one of the winners of the "Brazil Innovation” Award offered by Valor Econômico to the most innovative companies in the country. The award is organized in partnership with the consulting company Strategy &, from PwC Group. Among the 150 listed companies, WEG was ranked second within the capital goods segment and ranked seventh among the top 10 in the overall ranking.

The evaluation methodology of the companies which responded to the research considered four criteria as main drivers: strategy for innovation, actual initiatives to implement innovation, results achieved and evaluation of the company by the market.

In this edition, the survey also appointed a "Top of Mind" list, ranking the 10 most voted companies by the participants. WEG again ranked as seventh, showing that in addition to being differentiated by the analysis of the research carried out by Strategy & PwC, the company is also recognized by the market.

"Over the last 10 years, WEG invested an average of 2.8% of its revenues in R & D. In 2016, approximately 50% of our revenues were originated from products developed and launched within the last five years. Be among the most innovative companies in Brazil is a true recognition of all joint efforts made by more than one thousand employees entirely dedicated to innovation, "says Milton Castella, WEG Motores Engineering Director. 

The Brazil Innovation ceremony was held on the night of July 3 in São Paulo.