Harry receiving the Award from CFO & President of Valor Econômico, Mr. Carlos Alberto Arroyo Ponce de Leon, and, by Mrs. Vera Brandimarte, Writer News Director.

The CEO of the WEG Group, Mr. Harry Schmelzer Jr, has been awarded Valuable Executive award for the seventh time in the Industrial Machines and Equipment category.

Hosted by Valor Econômico newspaper, one of the largest publications in Brazil and South America, the award identifies the best executives across 23 industry sectors. The Valuable Executive award event was held on May 25th in the city of São Paulo.

The selection process for this award took into account general performance in 2014. Categories included in this process were financial results, innovation, growth, as well as market reputation of each executive and the capability of adapting to different sectors and companies.

This is the seventh time Harry has won the award and the twelfth time in the last thirteen years that WEG has earned a distinguished place in this ranking.

“Year 2014 was a challenging year, but despite the troubled economic scenario impacted by an industrial production shortage and lower investments, we managed to find opportunities and achieve our goals. This is the result of joint efforts by WEG's employees, customers and shareholders. I would like to share this award with the entire team and thank them for their contributions to make WEG such a competitive company," - Harry Schmelzer Jr.