WEG announces to its shareholders and to the market an agreement to acquire control of the startup Mvisia, which is specialized in artificial intelligence solutions applied to computer vision for the industry.

With this agreement, WEG will own 51% of the share capital of Mvisia, with the possibility, provided in the agreement, to increase its participation in the business in the future.

The acquisition is part of the company's strategy of adding new features to WEG Digital Solutions and the IoT WEGnology® platform, recently launched in order to meet Industry 4.0 demands.

Founded in 2012 at the Innovation Center, Entrepreneurship and Technology, of the University of São Paulo (USP), Mvisia is one of the leading national companies of Computer Vision for Industry. The company has its own vision systems and software, with strong expertise in embedded processing applications and machine learning algorithms for videos and images, with integration with MES systems used in the industry, as well as through cloud processing via mobile devices or integration with the open WEGnology® platform.

According to Carlos José Bastos Grillo, Digital Business Director at WEG, Mvisia has a mature and scalable solution, of great value for the techniques of monitoring, sensory and managing industrial processes through computer vision and Artificial Intelligence algorithms (Machine Learning, Python, OpenCV).

With this acquisition, we will include in our digital ecosystem a technology for capturing, filtering, processing and storing data through images, capable of sending accurate and real-time information to the cloud, enabling control of aspects such as productivity, security, number of defects and dimensions, generating automatic insights into quantitative and qualitative attributes of products, as well as training the neural networks of the algorithms with the behavior of specific processes through the use of static or moving images ”, explains Grillo.

This is the third acquisition of WEG since the Company announced in June 2019, the new digital business structure to accelerate the development of more efficient technologies for the continued growth of Industry 4.0.