WEG has supplied to the REPSOL unit in Sines - Portugal, an Ex-p synchronous motor (with pressurization system), 7.2 MW, 6 kV, 30 poles, and also the excitation panel, developing and implementing the whole interconnection and protection automation solution. This turnkey solution included the design, manufacturing and supply of the motor which required a series of procedures, such as: the removal, conditioning and storage of the existing motor, the assembly and commissioning of the new motor, the development and production of an excitation system, the purging and pressurization system control, the execution of the necessary changes in the wiring to receive the new excitation system and, finally, the protection of the motor and the interconnections with the control room.

The new SEL 2000 motor, 7.2 MW, 200 rpm, 6 kV, 50 Hz, with approximately 57 tons, was supplied for the LDPE line 2 ethylene hyper compressor, whose maximum pressure reaches 2000 Bar.

One of the main challenges of this supply was the replacement of a motor installed many years ago, requiring a first intervention for the dimensional survey of the motor, as well as the condition of the existing cables, of the signals for control, for protection and for the pressurization system, of the coupling of the hyper compressor and motor certification for existing conditions.

This project is also associated with a careful logistics study by WEG and REPSOL, in order to guarantee the correct removal and replacement of the old motor, an operation made through the roof. Combined with the fulfillment of the highest safety levels and respecting the high weight of the parts, height and distance to the site, this supply involved the use of a crane with a lifting capacity of 400 tons, thus demonstrating an approach centered on the customer and on supplies of customized solutions.

The new automation system implemented aims to integrate the excitation, protection and auxiliary systems of the synchronous motor, in order to enable its operation within the safety parameters required by its certification.

This system also interacts with two other equipment responsible for the control of motor excitation and motor protection, as well as with the distributed control system (DCS) and the customer’s emergency shutdown system (ESD). In technical terms, the human-machine interface is based on a large touch screen display.

With the production of this innovative solution and reference supply, WEG intends to improve and increase its know-how in efficient technical solutions that satisfy the needs of its customers. WEG solutions, both in the area of Automation and Motors, are developed for the most diverse market segments, meeting quality and performance requirements. These products also allow for easy assembly, installation, maintenance, future expansions and interchangeability.