WEG has just added to its portfolio a complete solution with high performance and safety combined with flexibility and connectivity. The CFW900 is a high-tech VSD for driving and controlling three-phase induction and permanent magnet motors. Providing excellent static and dynamic performance, high precision in torque, speed and position control, it can solve a wide variety of applications due to its high overload capacity.

Thanks to its technology, the CFW900 inverter provides energy savings, safety, increased productivity and quality in the process network in which it is implemented. It allows quick and easy access to the application information and configuration settings.

Using a menu structure, the new interface of the CFW900 line offers an unprecedented user interactive experience, enabling settings and configurations with detailed parameter description right on the HMI, in addition to event logs with date and time.

Another advantage of this solution is that this product was developed to be the best VSD on the market and bring more convenience and flexibility to the operation, maintenance and management of your Drive, featuring Bluetooth® communication and the free WPS Mobile app. The CFW900 allows setting parameters, monitoring, making backups and even retrieving your VSD data.

This product can also be interconnected to the main industrial communication networks without additional modules. It has two switch Ethernet ports and a serial port (RS485). In addition, its wide range of plug-in modules enables it to solve various applications.

With the constant evolution and search for higher productivity and operation efficiency, industries are increasingly investing in the automation of their processes and connectivity of their equipment. As it is an IoT-Ready product, the CFW900 VSD has native integration and is easy to implement with the WEG Motion Fleet Management (MFM) solution, which allows online monitoring and maintenance management of the industrial drive fleet. Using the MQTT available in the standard product, the drive can publish relevant motor data on the MFM and thus enable the optimalization of the operation and maintenance resources, increasing performance and reducing costs by means of the preventive and predictive maintenance of your application.

Find out all the possibilities and opportunities that the CFW900 offers and connect the present of your business to the future of the industry.