Aligning technology and sustainability, the W-Acqua line is a water-based coating developed for the automotive refinish market, produced with 100% Brazilian technology.

The water-based tinting system is recognized worldwide for its quality and low emission of VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds). The product was developed for the high performance automotive refinish market and is composed of low-toxicity bases with plain, metallic, pearlescent and tri-coat finishing.

Another benefit of the W-Acqua is the MOVE technology. It enables easy homogenization of the paint which can be done manually, increasing the color fidelity and color stability. Instead of the mixing machine, it is only necessary a regular shelf that has the function of storing and, if necessary, maintaining the system temperature.

In addition to superior performance and sustainability, the system brings numerous advantages. Because it uses water as a diluent, it offers less risks compared to the conventional one, with low VOC's emission, it is easy to implement at any auto body repair workshop.

The W-Acqua system is very versatile in its application, it doesn´t require any big changes in the workshop to start to work. With a small investment in an air blower and a water-based spray gun, our clients are all set to offer their customers the new coating line.

At its launch, it consists of 70 bases. WEG Coatings´s tinting system contains more than 45 thousand colors in its database, with vehicle colors from Brazil, Latin America and the USA.

The W-Acqua line is available in 500 ml and 1 liter packages. The drying time is between 10 to 20 minutes at 25º C and, as it has a high covering power, is indicated for general and partial vehicle painting. It also offers the additional benefit of color verification on the spatula, a common technique among colorists.

Since it is a safe option for the environment and for the painter, the demand for water-based products has increased considerably. The W-Acqua line is the right option for workshops looking for products with less impact on the environment and also more safety for the painter. W-Acqua line provides productivity, greater profit and is in line with sustainability”, emphasizes Reinaldo Richter, WEG Coatings Superintendent Director.

The W-Acqua line – water-based tinting system – is already available worldwide. Visit the website for more information: