Cement production is one of Algeria's most important sources of income. LAFARGE is one of the main companies operating in this business segment with three cement factories in Algeria: M'SILA, OGGAZ and CILAS.

These factories have a production capacity of 11.5 megatons/year and export around 150 thousand tons of semi-finished cement, also called “clinker”.

In order to meet its production and export objectives, LAFARGE Algeria continues to invest in new production equipment, consequently guaranteeing the proper functioning of its factories. These acquisitions also include WEG medium voltage electric motors that were designed with WEG's expertise in the cement segment, ranging from 900 kW to over 6MW, in the important and crucial areas of cement plants.

WEG motors from the M Mining line were specially developed with electromechanical characteristics that provide durability, resistance and robustness for the severe environments of cement plants. In addition, M Mining motors are perfectly suited to drive equipment that requires high starting torque, such as grinding machines or crushers.