The WECM - Electronically Commutated Motor WEG - was designed to guarantee much more efficiency, safety and reliability with speed control. Developed to meet different types of applications, such as exhaust and ventilation systems for animal comfort (such as aviaries, pig farms, livestock), parking lots, industrial kitchens, among others, WECM is the complete solution for air movement.

Follow this movement towards efficiency

Thinking about the industry, the WECM was developed to be interchangeable with regular industrial motors. With a compact design, the new motor has an integrated drive, aluminum housing and IP55 degree of protection, which gives the motor protection against dust and water. All of this with reduced installation and electricity costs. The drive allows operation over a wide speed range, and provides electronic protection against overload, overheating and blocked rotor. Power supply is available in single-phase and three-phase versions, with several options for power, speed and drive control features that make WECM the ideal solution for ventilation and air handling applications.

Air flow with energy savings 

The WECM reaches the future IE6 level of efficiency, the highest in the market - considering 20% less losses then IE5 according to the standard IEC TS 60034-30-2 - for variable speed electric motor.

Follow this movement towards great savings with WECM. Moving air with efficiency.