The WEG electric motor production plant in Algeria has just been inaugurated this Tuesday, November 29, 2022 with the presence of the Minister of Industry, Ahmed Zeghdar, as well as H.E. the Brazilian Ambassador, Flavio Marega, in the Wilaya of Sétif, in line with the policy of the Algerian authorities.

Indeed, this partnership between the CEVITAL and WEG groups is in line with the orientations desired by the Algerian government with the presidential decree N°67 of November 15, 2020, encouraging the increase of local content, and the law relating to investment of September 18, 2022, simplifying and encouraging industrial investments.

The WEG Group's approach in Algeria is part of the Group's internationalisation strategy. WEG invests in the growth of dynamic regions with high potential for industrial development. The establishment of a liaison office in Algiers was a first step to obtain a better understanding of the Algerian economic context and an increased identification of opportunities. The second step is now the creation of a solid partnership with one of the major industrialists in Algeria since 1971, the CEVITAL group.

This joint venture thus favours Algerian industrialisation by focusing on local production while promoting the creation of a network of subcontractors attached in particular to the production activities of household appliances in Algeria. The WEG Algeria Motors Spa engine production plant, located in Sétif, is 51% owned by the WEG group and 49% by the CEVITAL group.

The production capacity of WEG Algeria Motors Spa will be over one million motors per year. As a result, more than a hundred direct jobs will be created for the national industry through this partnership. The motors produced will cover the performance and requirements of international standards for household appliances such as washing machines. The distribution of sales is estimated at 60% for the local Algerian market and 40% for export.

“We are very happy to see that Algeria sees in the industrial sector the potential to drive diversification of the economy, making numerous efforts to encourage and facilitate the private sector investment, both domestic and foreign, developing industrial production capacity with higher value-added products, promoting competitiveness and improving the business environment. Its, also important to say that WEG seeks to add value both through tangible and intangible assets, creating local jobs, increasingly investing in human capital and the ability of our technical staff to innovate, generate wealth and develop corporate responsibility, both in economic-financial and socio-environmental aspects.

Algeria is a country of great opportunities. We are sure that our capacity to produce electric motors locally, counting on the competence of the Algerian people and the expertise of our local partners and suppliers, will allow us to contribute even more with the great economic growth of the country. WEG wants to be part of this new phase!” declared Daniel Marteleto Godinho, Sustainability and Corporate Affairs Director of the WEG Group.

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