Arbor Day is celebrated on September 21 in Brazil and as a way to engage society, WEG will distribute about 4,000 tree seedlings to employees in Jaraguá do Sul (SC) and an extra number of seedlings will be available at the WEG Museum for further distribution. The main objective of the action is to make people aware of the importance of environment protection WEG's commitment to Sustainability (ESG). 

By making the seedlings available, WEG intends to encourage the employees to have the opportunity to plant and cultivate a species of native trees from the local region, promoting contact with nature and encouraging best environmental practices among community members. 

The initiative is in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, particularly to address Goal 15 which is to protect, restore and promote the sustainable use of the terrestrial ecosystems. In other words, this means to sustainably manage forests, fight against desertification and preservation of our biodiversity. 

The seedlings are the result of a plantation of 8 thousand seeds on the company's own Reforestation land in the municipality of Araquari, state of Santa Catarina. For proper delivery of the seedlings, WEG counted on strategic partners providing carton boxes, where the plants are placed. The distribution will be handled by WEG volunteer employees and will take place at the outside area of the cafeterias. 

This action is also part of WEG's 60th anniversary celebration to be completed on September 16, 2021.