New interactive room set up by WEG in the Universidade Luterana do Brasil (Lutheran University of Brazil) inaugurated this week. Installed at the Canoas campus, the laboratory includes speed motor control and variation equipment besides a library which is open to the students and teachers of the University.

With more than eighty-one graduation courses, thirty of which in technology, ULBRA looks on the partnership with WEG as a great opportunity of preparing the students to meet with market requirements. “This kind of material offers the students complementary knowledge and this makes things easier for them in their future professional lives because they already know the theory and the product. All they have to do is to apply what they know”, says Eduardo Eidt, a teacher at the University and mediator of the installation of the room at the Canoas campus. According to him, the room is going to be used by ULBRA and by WEG to receive representatives and customers from the region.

Founded in 1972, ULBRA nowadays has more than 150 thousand students all over Brazil. Besides graduation courses, the Institution also has distance learning, post graduation, master and doctorate courses in health, technology, communication and sports.