Complying with International and Recognized Standards in its test procedures, the WEG R&D laboratory has the capacity to perform several critical tests, including electrical life tests for contactors and short circuit interrupting capacity tests for circuit breakers and motor starters.

With an investment of US$1 Million, WEG is running a state-of-the-art laboratory in the 6500 square foot building. Its physical location, aside the power supply station of WEG plant II, is a key factor for its capabilities. "One of the most important advantages to this location is the reduction of the circuit impedances, which allows us to perform tests with short circuit current values", states Reinaldo Stuart Junior, Manager of Technical Department of Switch and Controlgear.

WEG Acionamentos has strategically invested in R&D structure, including important partnerships with the top Brazilian Engineering Universities and Universities overseas. The awareness of the technology involved in its products is always present in the main decision taken by WEG Acionamentos. Since 1996, when WEG begun its partnership with the Technical University of Dresden with the purpose of training engineers and technicians for the implementation of R&D laboratory, the company has continued investing in people and equipment in order to develop new and up-to-date products. Afterwards, other cooperation agreements with European Universities (TU-Braunschweig and TU-Illmenau) were successfully established. "The laboratory inauguration is the conclusion of one step towards to WEG technical capacity improvement for development of low-voltage operating, control, and protection devices" explains Stuart.

The company already invested over $3 million among building construction, personnel, training, and equipment in order to improve its technical capacitance in this area. "The company counts today 30 engineers and technicians working exclusively in the R&D for contactors, circuit breakers, and motor starters.

"This is the way, investing in training and technology, that WEG has always grown and achieved leadership in several markets", states WEG Acionamentos Managing Director " Harry Schmelzer Junior.

In 2004, WEG Acionamentos grew 22% in comparison to the previous year. In 2005 the goal is 15% over 2004. "We should surpass this increase due to very good opportunities in exports" conclude Schmelzer.
Several tests are made on the products in order to assure its quality. In the pictures you can see Reinaldo Stuart Junior - Lab Manager - explaining all test applied at WEG.