WEG announces the acquisition of a building, continuing its industrial facility expansion trend. The building takes up 20.000 sq. mt. on a 222.000 sq. mt. property and is located in the Itajaí Industrial District near the main highway of Southern Brazil and 10 Km from the Port of Itajaí.

The facility will concentrate on the production of industrial dry transformers, assembly of automation electric panels and copper wire production lines for high voltage products.

"We'll be taking advantage of the logistic convenience of being near of our main production facilities of Jaraguá do Sul and Blumenau and of the Port of Itajai. Besides, the area has already been a production place of correlative equipment and there are good universities around, which means that we'll be able to hire qualified employees" says Alidor Lueders, WEG's Investor Relations Director, pointing out the building's strategic location as one of its main attractive aspects.

This acquisition represents another step towards WEG's business expansion within electrical energy generation, transmission and distribution (GTD), a fast-growing business sector of the company's product portfolio.