SONEDE (National Company for Water Exploitation and Distribution) has selected WEG to carry out this life-saving project. The desalination plant offers a treatment capacity of 50,000 m3/d (expandable to 75,000 m3/d). The desalination of sea water, unlike fossil water, is environmentally friendly. This new resource relieves our hydrogeological reserves, our planet. 

The pumping station, used for sea water intake, has 3 electric pumping units. A power of 630 kW, delivered by WEG’s W50 motor line, offers a pumping flow rate of 2400 m3/h. 

In the pre-treatment building, W60 motors with a 560 frame provide 2040 kW to ensure the proper operation of the High Pressure Pumps (HPP). The W50 as well as W60 medium voltage motors are designed for ensure excellent performance and reliability under severe conditions. WEG motors are present from the sea water intake to the booster station. 

The design and construction project, 50% executed by Aqualia and GS Inima, also includes the seawater intake and discharge systems, a de-ironing plant, a product water pumping station and the supply and installation of the connection pipes to the existing distribution network.

The water deficit is a major issue, as is the construction of a sustainable and respectful future. This collaboration with SONEDE is a source of pride for WEG, a player in today's and tomorrow's world.