Investing in the modernization of the industry with comprehensive and integrated solutions can result in energy consumption savings compared to older facilities, thereby contributing to sustainability in organizations. In this context, the use of automation and cutting-edge technologies, such as permanent magnet synchronous motors and variable frequency drives (VFDs), leads to a significant improvement in the energy efficiency of industries.

In partnership with SEBA, a WEG distributor located in western France, WEG developed and implemented a customized solution to replace an old driving system to meet the needs of a global player in the metallurgical sector.

In addition to energy savings, the customer sought greater flexibility and process automation enhancement. For this purpose, VFDs were installed in a panel, a structure designed to house and protect electronic components according to the final customer's requirements.

Based on the results of previous tests, the company supplied WMagnet line motors of 37 kW, 1500 rpm. These permanent magnet synchronous motors stand out in terms of energy savings and compactness. WEG also provided VFDs model CFW500, designed to control the speed of electric motors, allowing precise rotation adjustments.

For the integration of the panel, WEG Autrial, manufacturing site in Spain, designed a fully customized panel for automation and electrical power distribution—a flexible solution that promotes energy savings. Additionally, parameters can be easily adjusted from the VFD interface. Connected, they communicate with major industrial communication bus networks.

Among the customer needs met with WEG solutions, the highlights include:

- Improvement in energy efficiency from 83% to over 95%;

- Interchangeable solution across the range of compact synchronous motors to limit necessary mechanical modifications to the existing base;

- Easy factory and field testing;

- Provision of an integrated automation solution to meet combined requirements and specifications of the customer.

For years, WEG has prioritized energy efficiency in all its solutions. Regarding electric motors, the company produces over 70,000 motors daily worldwide, rated up to IE5 efficiency level (a standard reference for energy efficiency).

Once again, WEG reinforces its expertise in providing solutions to contribute to energy efficiency in companies across several industry segments