WEG announces the signing of a technological cooperation agreement with HORSE, a global leader in innovative and low emissions powertrain systems, to advance Range Extender technology.

The partnership between WEG and HORSE seeks to unite the knowledge and experience of both companies. The mutual, cooperative efforts will help to improve a powertrain solution that combines the benefits of an electric vehicle (EV) with an internal combustion engine that increases the overall driving range.

“We are encouraged by this memorandum of understanding with HORSE, as it expands WEG’s development potential for low-carbon mobility solutions, as well as accelerating the introduction of Ranger Extender technology as another component of the decarbonization of mobility,” explains Carlos Bastos Grillo, Chief Officer of Digital and Systems at WEG.

HORSE's Range Extender project is one of the solutions for power supply in electric vehicles using an ethanol-powered engine combined with a system to be supplied by WEG composed of an electric generator and its control module.

“We are delighted to have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with WEG, a global solutions provider of electrical technologies. As part of the agreement, we will partner with WEG to drive the research and development of our leading Range Extender technology for light commercial vehicles,” explains Julien Faure, Chief Technology Officer at HORSE.