Harry Schmelzer Jr., received the award from the Minister of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services, Marcos Jorge, and Minister of Defense Joaquin Silva e Luna.

The CEO of WEG, Harry Schmelzer Jr., received today the most important award for development of the Industry, Foreign Trade and Services in Brazil - the Medal and Insignia of the National Order Council Barão de Mauá, in its top category, the Grã Cruz Class.

Approved by Decree No. 9549, dated October 31, 2018, by the President of Brazil, Mr. Michel Temer, the recently created Order Barão de Mauá is intended to honor key leaders who have made relevant contributions to industry, foreign trade and services in the country.

Harry stresses that this award is a result of everything WEG has been doing and contributing to the development of the Brazilian industry and exports throughout its history: "WEG was established to face big challenges and achieve great results. Mr. Werner, Mr. Eggon and Mr. Geraldo have created a corporate culture focused on the field of technology, cooperative management and the development and motivation of people. Counting on skilled people for better results, we have achieved great technological innovations and today we supply our products to over 100 countries. I have been part of this project for 38 years and I had the opportunity, as of 2008, to succeed Mr. Decio da Silva as CEO of the company. With the support of the magnificent WEG team we have been able to continue our major project stated as "continuous and sustainable growth, maintaining simplicity". I feel proud to be honored with this outstanding award. So this distinguished award is dedicated to all WEG employees and particularly to all the Company's leaders, from today and from the past", says Harry.

The award ceremony took place in the Government´s Palace (Palácio do Planalto) in Brasília / Federal District.