In the heart of the city of Paranaguá, Yara Brasil Fertilizantes S.A., an important player in the Brazilian fertilizer market, counted on WEG to supply a solution that redefines reliability in the fertilizer production. For this project, WEG joined forces with Opção Eletromotores, an important WEG partner for energy efficiency, which conducted the project to deliver gearmotors that increase productivity and reduce costs.

The company received ten WCG20 gearmotor sets from WEG-CESTARI, featuring WEG W22 IR3 motors, strategically installed across different production lines. These sets play fundamental roles in the company's daily operations: two sets operate in the compound mixing line, four are in baggers and four drive conveyor belts.

This change is not just a simple upgrade, but a significant technological evolution. The replacement of old IR1 motors with high-efficiency W22 IR3 motors and the transition of gearboxes to the WCG20 line represent a substantial improvement in terms of performance, durability and energy efficiency, resulting in 15% proven savings.

Remarkable gain in production efficiency

WEG-CESTARI's WCG20 line, with torques between 50 and 18000 Nm, together with the high-efficiency motors of WEG's W22 IR3 Premium line, offer less maintenance and greater operational reliability. That means a significant reduction in maintenance stops, positively affecting Yara's productivity.

The project stands out for its innovation and commitment that WEG and Opção Eletromotores have in energy efficiency partnerships, as this supply is a significant step towards sustainability, where Yara Fertilizers shows its commitment to excellence, efficient use of natural resources and continuous improvement, while WEG strengthens its role as a leader in efficient energy solutions.