Companies need to make increasingly sustainable choices in order to advance in the energy transition, one of them is to use power generated by low carbon sources, such as biogas generated from the decomposition of organic waste from landfills. This gas is captured through pipelines, purified, and injected into power plants to generate renewable energy.

Aiming to support companies that are in this search, Eva Energia, an Urca Energia Group company, a holding company for investment in intelligent and sustainable energy, looked for a partnership with someone who is also concerned with sustainability, WEG, to provide efficient and reliable solutions.

Among the solutions provided by the company, three sets of low voltage command and control, and two 3MVA dry transformers have been selected to compose the EVA Seropédica project. This equipment was fully developed in a customized way, as well as with all the necessary certifications for the customer's operation and will be responsible for the distribution of energy in the plant and for the connection to the power grid, enabling the transfer of the power surplus generated to the concessionaire for commercialization.

To offer technical and robust solutions, WEG invests in technology and in qualified engineering to provide the customer with good pre- and after-sales service. Participating in this supply consolidates the company's presence in the market related to decarbonization and demonstrates WEG's expertise to meet the demands of the transformation of the energetic matrix.

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