WEG is now fully capable of supplying any kind of switchboard for marine market, from a main or emergency switchboard, to distribution and lighting panels for a vessel, to double level switchgears for FPSO. We are well prepared to offer the market low and medium voltage switchgears for various types of applications on board of a ship or a platform.

One of the products specially designed for this market is our water cooled variable speed drive, its cooling feature allows the drive to be installed as close as possible to the driving motor. Its modular configuration gives greater flexibility to assemble a drive for a 100 kW up to a 3000 kW electric motor, using the same modules, just adding power units, which creates a single platform of spare parts for the drive used to a Bow thruster as well as for the one used for an azimuthal thruster.

Additionally, in the event of a failure in one of the power units, the drive does not stop operation, but keeps the driving motor running with reduced power, increasing the level of reliability of the solution.

WEG’s water cooled frequency drives are available for low and medium voltage applications. The embedded PLC gives to the VFD a high level of integration with all other systems in the vessel or platform.

When a customer buy a complete package of switchboards from WEG, they also get WEG’s commitment to help in the integration and interconnection among all the systems on board their application.