A building project at the Court of Justice, in the northeast of Brazil, was equipped with a 1375 kVA Genset supplied by the WEG customer, Generac - one of the world's largest Genset manufacturers, which will be intended to supply energy for the building´s 12 floors.

The Genset will operate upon emergency/standby service duty to cover unexpected power outages to keep all equipment running such as; lighting system, computers, data protection, alarms, electronic gates, cameras, and elevators.

As stated by Generac executives, to build reliable equipment delivering maximum power at any situation demands selection of top-quality suppliers. For its reputation in the market and due to the long-lasting partnership between the two companies, WEG was chosen to supply the AG10 line, 1375 kVA, frame 355 alternator, which is the largest Genset power assembled by Generac in Brazil so far. 

WEG has the expertise to supply a complete line of synchronous alternators for a wide range of power generation markets. The AG10 line alternators were designed to serve the global market and are suitable to operate under emergency service duties, peak hours or continuous service operations in industrial, commercial, marine, telecommunications, mining, condominiums, hospitals, airports, and farming areas.