The electric mobility market continues to grow in Brazil and allowing establishment of business partnerships. Because of this, WEG and EDP Smart, made an agreement with Renault and will be the recommended suppliers of charging infrastructure for customers who purchase the new Zoe electric car. 

The agreement provides for the inclusion of the new generation of WEMOB - WEG Electric Mobility products for consumers who intend to acquire the equipment. The agreement also provides for the installation of semi-fast charging stations at 12 dealers within the Renault network in order to expand the charging infrastructure for electric cars on public roads. EDP was chosen for its knowledge on electricity supply. Upon special conditions, the company will be responsible for the supply of WEG's charging stations, technical visits to customers and installation of the equipment. 

Customers interested to know the special conditions of such partnership need to access the commercial section on this link: to receive exclusive discounts during the launching campaign. Companies that wish to request a quote can do so on this link:, through the EDP call center and/or with the support of a sales consultant from any of the three companies. 

Recharge technology 

Developed and manufactured in Brazil specifically to meet power, connectivity, recharge speed, and safety requirements for electric vehicles, the new generation of WEG Recharging Stations offer a modern design and is intelligent, allowing connection to the Internet and to management platforms for charging or dividing the consumption of each user. In addition, it allows access control via proximity cards (RFID tags) or mobile apps.

WEMOB charging stations will be offered to consumers in three different types: Wall, designed for homes and condominiums; Parking, designed especially for shared use in public and private parking lots; and Station, intended for fast charging stations. The lines are available for slow, semi-fast and fast recharging, with power rating of 7.4 to 150 kW. 

This partnership is part of WEG's strategy to offer efficient, sustainable and intelligent solutions for the electric mobility segment. It also a proof of Renault's confidence in WEG's products and services”, says Manfred Peter Johann, Managing Director of WEG Automation Business Division. 

We are quite happy with the establishment of this partnership. Electric mobility is one of our strategic drivers for the future of the energy sector and we deal with the main players in the sector to help expanding this business. The New Zoe brings technology advances, with great autonomy, which made us much interested on that. This will certainly be a very successful partnership”, emphasizes out Carlos Andrade, Vice President of Customers at EDP in Brazil. 

WEG and Renault do Brazil are also together in an electric mobility project in Fernando de Noronha, state of Pernambuco, Brazil. In partnership with the Administration of Fernando de Noronha and Polo, the companies inaugurated six garages with solar power generation (Carport) to recharge the lithium-ion batteries of 28 electric vehicles that already circulate in the island. 

New Zoe 

Zoe was the pioneer in Europe and became the best-selling compact electric car in the European market. At the third generation, the new Zoe nowadays offers new features in terms of versatility, quality and technologies. The car starts to be sold in Brazil in two finish versions: Zen (R$ 204,990) and Intense (R$ 219,990). Technically, the current version offers even more features. The 52 kWh battery makes its autonomy reach up to 385 kilometers, with even more charging options, thanks to the introduction of the direct current (DC) charging system. It also provides even more driving comfort, thanks to a superior performance engine with 100kW of power range and 24.5 kgfm of torque, allowing the driver to enjoy the instant and smooth acceleration, great for highways.