Within its business organization, the Canadian company St. Marys Cement Inc., which is part of Votorantim Cimentos, is in charge of Votorantim Cimentos overall business strategy in North America.

Following its expansion plan, St. Marys is upgrading the Charlevoix cement plant in Michigan, USA and also St. Marys and Bowmanville Canadian plants. Among other benefits, these modernization projects expect to increase production capacity to better serve customers and create new jobs.

These plants will be driven by about 20 WEG low and medium voltage induction and brush-lifting slip ring motors up to 4500KW, 4160V.

The long-term relationship between Votorantim Cimentos and WEG helped us achieving a safe, modern and robust solution that could meet all local standards for our three upgrading plants.” said Alexandre Macari Canestraro - Electrical Coordinator at Votorantim Cimentos.

Designed to operate at low temperature, WEG driving equipment fully comply with CSA certification, classified area and VFD requirements, and are suitable to drive the plant-installed mills, kiln, classifiers and fans. 

Start-up and commissioning were also included in the scope of supply.

Traditional reputation on the supply of suitable products for the cement and mining industry and to other key market segments all over the world; expertise from engineering team of designing electric motors matching with existing motors, technical structure of providing prompt support for any required service are among key factors that allowed WEG to be awarded.