WEG customers now have a more comprehensive app to access technical information about WEG products. The company has expanded the features of WEG Data Viewer, which was launched in 2021 and previously only served WEG motor line, to include automation and industrial control, paints and varnishes, and alternators.

Furthermore, the app layout has been revised, allowing customers to select the type of product they are interested in consulting. It is also parameterized with data input options and document selection based on the product line or type.

Available on Android and iOS platforms, WEG Data Viewer app can be accessed by anyone who wants to obtain quick and practical information about WEG solutions, facilitating comparative analysis and maintenance tasks.

How does WEG Data Viewer work?

By scanning a valid QR Code or Data Matrix provided on labels or printed on the products, users can access technical information about WEG solutions at any time. For products without a QR Code, information can be accessed by entering the serial number or product code, which is available on the identification plate or packaging label.

Check out the new features by area:

WEG Automation and Industrial Control:

Documents available for download:

- Technical data

- Drawings

- CAD library

- Catalogs and manuals

WEG Coatings and Varnishes

Documents available for download:

- Catalogs

- Technical Data Sheets

- Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for products

- Issuance of certificate of analysis available

WEG Energy – Alternators:

Documents available for download:

- Technical data and curves

- Drawings - Manuals

- Catalogs

From WEG to the palm of your hand. To learn more, visit the website: (iOS and Android).