Since the launch in 2014, the WEG W60 Electric Motor Line has been enjoying great customer acceptance and satisfaction, with the performance of over 500 units sold for a wide variety of market segments all over the world.

Designed with updated technology, by R&D and engineering experts employing superior raw material items and modern software’s, WEG’s W60 Motor is suitable for a great number of industrial applications including compressors, pumps, fans, conveyor belts, mills, among others. Its modern concept has resulted in a product that provides high performance and reliability even under the most severe operating conditions. In terms of body construction, the motor is designed with a solid structure that allows smooth operation under high impact and speed, with significant low vibration and noise levels.

Built under a modular concept, this W60 Motor is available in different cooling configurations and, when compared to commercially available induction motors, the new motor line can be up to 50% smaller in dimensions. This product feature allows a significant reduction of space required for the installation of the motor, resulting in production gains.

Technical features offered by this new W60 Motor Line include output ratings from 500 to 16,000 kW; number of poles from two to 12; frame sizes ranging from IEC 450 to 1000; voltage going from 2300V to 13,800V.