Due to the serious health crisis faced by the state of Amazonas caused by the impact of the new coronavirus pandemic, 15 large companies and institutions from Brazil got together to implement a solidarity initiative with the objective of supporting that northern region. 

The group will donate to the United Against Covid-19 program (unidos.fiocruz.br) of Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz) the amount of R$ 1.6 million, including an oxygen production plant, which should give support to public hospitals in the region. 

To this day, the Foundation has already donated five of these plants, with the support of the private sector. 

The group of companies, named “Grupo Juntos pelo Amazonas”, has the participation of Ambev, BNP Paribas, BRF, Coca-Cola Brasil, Grupo + Unidos, Magalu, Mercado Livre, Nestlé Brasil, Petrobras, Sesc, SulAmérica, WEG, Whirlpool, XP Inc. and Yamaha. 

The initiative of these companies counts on the institutional support of Eletros - National Association of Electronic Product Manufacturers, which offered their support for the creation of the group. 

The commitment of the companies in this “Grupo Juntos pelo Amazonas” initiative consists of the donation of financial resources for the acquisition of machines and accessories for the new plant, which has one of the most advanced technologies applied to this type of equipment and has the capacity of serving a hospital with 12 intensive care beds and 80 regular hospital and emergency care beds simultaneously.