WEG announces an agreement to acquire the remaining share of MVISIA Desenvolvimentos Inovadores S.A., a company specialized in artificial intelligence solutions applied to artificial vision for industries.

The acquisition is part of WEG's digital business growth strategy, which, since 2020, has relied on MVISIA technology to meet the demand for Industry 4.0 in machine vision applications. According to Carlos José Bastos Grillo, Managing Director of WEG Digital & Systems Business Unit, this movement is in line with the growing automation of industrial systems that converge towards the adoption of digitization, connectivity and artificial intelligence in the search for efficiency gains and rational use of resources.

“We bought MVISIA to continue investing in the monitoring, sensing and management of industrial processes through artificial vision algorithms and Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning). We will keep the entire team with us, including the founders, who throughout this time were key partners in this technology merger. With the creation in August/2022 of the Business Unit focused on Industrial Systems, this convergence between digitalization and automation will be even more necessary in WEG's portfolio of products and solutions", guarantees the executive.

Founded in 2012 at the Center for Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Technology of the University of São Paulo (USP), MVISIA is one of the main national companies in the field of Computer Vision for Industry, with its own software and vision systems, and with strong know-how in built-in processing applications and machine learning algorithms for videos and images, with integration to MES systems used in the industry, as well as through cloud processing via mobile devices or integrated with the WEGnology open platform. In April of this year, MVISIA inaugurated a new plant dedicated to the manufacture and testing of cameras equipped with artificial vision, in São Paulo, Brazil.