With a complete range of products for the water industry, WEG solutions stand out for the efficiency and flexibility of their electrical and mechanical projects, adapting to the most demanding customer requirements in several applications.

Designed to transport 470 million cubic meters of water annually from various dams, the Majerda - Cap-Bon channel is an important investment for Tunisia. This pumping station meets the demand for drinking water of large cities like Tunis. In addition, the channel also serves two other purposes: irrigation of the agricultural areas of El Mghira, Mornag and Cap-Bon and supply of the Khlidia and Cap-Bon aquifers.

The Béjaoua station, with a total electrical power of 4,400 kW, is equipped with several pumps with a flow rate of 2 m³/s. The Northern Water Canal and Supply Company, SECADENORD, is working to improve the transfer capacity of the channel, thus meeting the increasing demands of water.

For this project, WEG supplied two vertical medium voltage motors from the Master line, MAR model, 450 frame, 550 kW, 6,300 V, 50 Hz, 8 poles, IP55. These motors were installed in the station's eighth pump.

WEG’s Master line motors stand out for the flexibility of their electrical and mechanical design. They are versatile motors that allow different configurations, being able to be applied in harsh environments, which demand high resistance and durability, adapting to different applications. They offer ease to implement changes in your designs, allowing them to be fully interchangeable with existing motors, reducing operating costs resulted from motor replacement downtime. They can also be fed by variable frequency drives, which enables precise speed control as well as high torques during start-up.

The partnership between WEG and SECADENORD contributed to attend the water needs of Tunisia and to the strengthening of the water supply in North Africa by increasing the capacity of the Béjaoua Pumping Station.