An existing dredge consisting of a 1000HP DC motor and drive could only pump slurry a certain distance to the processing facility so a permanent booster station was created on a peninsular area that had already been dredged. The booster station consists of a slurry pump driven by a WEG 800HP AC motor and CFW11M modular drive with harmonic filter.

The WEG 800 HP motor was chosen because of its reliability, high performance and low maintenance. It affords a wide speed range, low weight to output ratio, high efficiency, high capacity to dynamic loads and rugged construction.

The WEG CFW11M 460V modular drive is one of the new generation variable frequency drives designed for higher power ratings, which made it an ideal choice for this application. WEG also designed and built a custom cabinet to house the modular drive unit as well as a harmonic filter. All this, along with a transformer, was skid mounted for portability around the sand pit.

The addition of the booster pump now allows the customer a greater range of operations within the site, the slurry is now pumped from the existing dredge to this new permanent booster station in the middle of the property which then pumps the sand/rock/water mixture to the processing plant. This installation will allow the customer to increase the range of the dredge and therefore the life of the sand pit.

WEG Electric has assisted this customer for some time in their various business, all associated with minerals from sand to finished bricks and glass.